Anya Richards

About the author

Between wishing she could hibernate all winter and reveling in Canada's two weeks of summer, Anya spends as much time as possible ignoring reality and trying to get her flights of fancy down on paper. Of course reality—disguised as husband, kids, cats and a side order of Evil Day Job—has an annoying tendency to intrude and must be severely reprimanded for its temerity…

Like most writers, Anya has had a varied and sometimes incongruous series of jobs. From seamstress to vet assistant, jewelry sales associate to law clerk and pretty much everything else in between, all are grist for the creative mill. Having moved ten times in the past eleven years, she swears she'll never move again, but can't resist trolling the real estate listings, searching for that perfect house.

While owned by two incredibly greedy cats that are smart enough to know exactly which buttons to push, Anya describes herself as a dyed-in-the-wool dog person. But please don't tell the cats.

Besides laughing, people-watching and indulging her curiosity about all things historical (and/or hysterical), Anya enjoys a range of crafts, cooking and, most of all, reading.

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