Carol Marinelli

About the author

Carol Marinelli was born in the UK and, some twenty years ago, came on a one year holiday to Australia and never really left. She now lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne with her three children and needy pets, and is still trying to explain to visiting relatives that Melbourne winters are cold!

Carol worked as a nurse in England and later in Australia and loved it but writing has always been her passion, along with reading. She has tried to find other passions – gym, yoga, horse riding, but generally lasts but a term or two before going back to her books.

She is constantly on diet, fully intends to get up early and walk each morning, and when not writing, reading or raising her family, can be found at office supply stores trying to find thediary that will organise her life before she lurches towards another deadline.

Putting Alice Back Together is Carol Marinelli’s debut novel with MIRA books and it takes us on a powerful journey of self-discovery, recovery and ultimately self- acceptance. And while it tackle issues of a single woman living in Melbourne with a touch of humour reminiscent of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones Diary, that's where the similarities end. This novel isn’t afraid to address confronting and downright confusing issues that we so often wish we could sweep under the rug and hide in a tidy drawer.

Financial debt, career confusion, depression & anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, substance and alcohol abuse, a broken heart – they are all very real and commonplace issues that Marinelli explores in a manner that is engaging and, at times, funny - without resembling a self-help book.

You may also know Carol from the popular romances she has written for Mills and Boon Medical and Sexy.

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