Joan Johnston

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Joan Johnston's background has been eclectic, to say the least. Originally a newspaper editor, Joan later became a theater director. This led her to become a university professor, and later a lawyer! None of these interesting jobs, however, held the particular allure of writing romance fiction.

"Most people want to know why I don't practice law instead of writing romances," Joan says. "The answer is simple. I enjoy writing more than practicing corporate law. I started writing my first romance when I was studying to take the Florida bar exam. It was a good summer, I passed the bar and sold the book!"

In 1992, Joan left teaching at the University of Miami, Florida (she has a master's degree in theater arts) to write romance fiction full-time. She is the author of more than 40 books, many of which have appeared on the USA Today, New York Times and Waldenbooks bestseller lists, to name a few. Joan's novels have also won and been nominated for many awards.

And when she isn't writing? "I'm an avid football fan and have season tickets for the Miami Dolphins. I also belong to the South Florida Trail Riders Association and ride when I can. Being a parent to my daughter and son also takes a lot of my time!"

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