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Fiona Brand has been a bookaholic ever since she was old enough to turn pages, but she didn’t begin writing until after the birth of her second child. She gave herself two years to get published. Five years and several rejections later, she finally sold her first book, Cullen’s Bride, to Silhouette Intimate Moments.

Other than writing romance, Fiona considers her life to be "Joe Average" ordinary. Before the writing career, she spent eight years working for the New Zealand Forest Service, where she learned the true meaning of power—holding the keys to the stationery cupboard and controlling the petty cash.

When the power rush ended, she tried the other end of the spectrum—absolute slavery—and took up having children. When her youngest son turned three, she set about teaching herself the business of writing. She figured that after spending eight years as a clerk, she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published.

Fiona’s always lived in the country, and presently resides in the Bay of Islands, a subtropical fishing and diving paradise, with her two sons. As for pets... so far there are two goldfish and a budgie, but with a change of location looming in the near future, at least two cats and a dog are planned as welcome additions to the family.

Because of the sheer isolation of New Zealand travel is always on the itinerary, especially with most of her family residing in other countries, but Fiona has found New Zealand hard to beat. She says it has all the extremes a writer could wish for, from rugged cowboy country and snow-covered alps to rainforest and white sandy beaches... and besides, it’s home.

When she’s not writing or doing normal household things (like cleaning the budgie’s cage and the goldfish tank), Fiona likes to spend her spare time with her children or catching up with friends. Her leisure activities include reading, walking, cooking, gardening, watching movies with the family, protecting her laptop from game-hungry kids, and of course, shopping. She’s thinking of starting a daytime tai chi class to get out of the house and mingle with "normal" people who have "lives," and periodically tries to meditate in search of the elusive silence within.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t found that silence yet. Somehow there’s always a grocery list in there, or a "feeling guilty because you haven’t done this" list, or she gets hungry, or else a kid comes in.

You can write to Fiona, who would love to hear from you, at: Fiona Brand, PO Box 18240 Glen Innes, Auckland 1130, New Zealand.

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