Judith James

About the author

Judith James first knew she wanted to tell stories when a sixth grade English exam evolved into an epic tale of a tree that hated being rooted to the ground and desperately wanted to travel. It was chopped down - a dreadful tragedy - until it arrived at a lumber mill and a pencil factory where it turned into pencils that landed on the desks of various writers, who wrote about marvels from all over the world. Though her first loves were reading and horses, that day she entered another world where anything might happen and she knew she wanted to write, though she didn’t get to it until many years later. An avid reader and history buff, she is also a bit of an adventure junkie.

She began writing as a career when her beautiful and talented daughter gave her a leather bound journal for her birthday. In it was written “Whatever journey you choose to embark on in the coming years, here is a place to recount it.” The words that start every story came to her. What if, and a new adventure began. Seizing the opportunity to follow a dream, Judith James’ writing combines her love of history and adventure with her keen interest in the complexities of human nature, and the heart’s capacity to heal.

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