Fall From Pride

by Karen Harper

Release date: 11/2011
Imprint: MIRA

Series: The Home Valley Series Book 1

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About the book

Sarah Kauffman sought permission from her church elders to paint murals on a few of the barns in her Amish community. Each were designed like an old-fashioned quilt square representing a piece of the Amish traditions Sarah loved. The works of art were intended to draw more tourists to Home Valley in the struggling economy. But instead, they invited a menace…

One by one, each barn is set ablaze and destroyed. And soon, the arson fires spread fear through the community. Now Sarah wonders if she's being punished for her pridefulness...or whether there's a more malevolent will at work.

As an outsider, arson investigator Nate MacKenzie struggles to investigate the crime scenes while adhering to Amish customs. With Sarah as his guide, he warms to the Plain People and their simple ways. But as the fires rage, beliefs are challenged, a way of life is questioned and family secrets are exposed.

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Fall From Pride
by Karen Harper

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Fall From Pride
by Karen Harper

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