The Kommandant's Girl

by Pam Jenoff

Release date: 12/2011
Imprint: MIRA

Sell price: AU$ 11.99

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About the book

The Kommandant's Girl

Emma Bau has only been married three weeks when the Nazis invade her native Poland. After her husband is forced underground as part of a resistance movement, Emma soon finds herself imprisoned in the ghetto with her parents. There she meets one of the resistance leaders — with his help, she is able to escape and live under an assumed, non-Jewish identity.

Emma's already precarious situation is complicated when she meets Kommandant Georg Richwalder — a Nazi official who insists that Emma come to work for him.

Desperately, Emma wrestles with questions of loyalty and duty until at last she is able to locate information sought by the resistance movement — unleashing a chain of events that will change Emma's life, and the lives of those she loves, forever.

Also includes - The Diplomat's Wife

1945: Surviving the brutality of a Nazi prison camp, Marta Nederman is lucky to have escaped with her life. Recovering from the horror, she meets Paul, an American soldier who gives her hope of a happier future. But their plans to meet in London are dashed when Paul's plane crashes.

Devastated and pregnant, Marta marries Simon, a caring British diplomat and glimpses the joy that home and family can bring. But her happiness is threatened when she learns of a Communist spy in British intelligence, and that the one person who can expose the traitor is connected to her past.

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