Temptation Island

by Victoria Fox

Release date: 06/2012
Imprint: MIRA

Sell price: AU$ 11.99

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About the book

Welcome to Paradise.

Only the rich are invited...only the strongest survive. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, an island exists for the elite. Exclusive to the rich and famous, it provides a safe haven, a sanctuary, a shelter from the glare of the spotlight. But glittering waters drown darker secrets…

The Virgin

Lori Garcia, wild-haired Spanish siren and world-famous supermodel, has come from Cinderella-rags to undreamt-of riches. Only one thing is missing from her life: passion. Until - seemingly out of the blue - she encounters a devastating stranger, igniting a red-hot fever that will send her racing across continents in pursuit of his affections. But Jean- Baptiste Moreau is involved in a scandal more desperate than she could ever imagine…

The Starlet

Aurora Nash is LA's wildest teen tearaway. Riotous, hedonistic, self-seeking, she's totally out of control. Rehab doesn't work, therapy achieves nothing, even a jail sentence fails to keep her in line. When her parents - two of America's best-loved Country and Western stars - resolve to send her away to boarding school, they pray for change: the world can never know the truth behind their only daughter's birth…

The Wife

When Stevie Speller - London-born beauty and accidental actress - marries hot young director Xander Jakobson, together they are Hollywood's golden couple. But heartbreaking news is about to unsettle their newly-wedded bliss. Seeking desperate measures, Stevie is introduced to Jean-Baptiste Moreau and finds herself drawn towards the promise of a private island - and a highly classified solution…

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