Every Fear

by Rick Mofina

Release date: 06/2010
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About the book

A new mother's worst nightmare

Maria Colson left her baby Dylan outside the store for a few seconds. Then she sees the empty pram — Dylan has vanished without a trace.

A journalist who needs a break

Rookie reporter Jason Wade is under pressure to bring in a new story. Could the Colson kidnapping be it? But some of the pieces just don’t add up.

A detective on the case

Detective Grace Garner is investigating the grizzly murder of a young woman — and the parallels with the kidnapping start to make sense.

Now Jason and Grace are hunting for the one piece of the puzzle that connects the baby’s disappearance with a spine-tingling case of revenge. And whoever took little Dylan Colson is more dangerous than anyone could ever imagine.

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Every Fear
by Rick Mofina

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Every Fear
by Rick Mofina

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