The Chosen

by Maggie Shayne

Release date: 12/2009
Imprint: MIRA
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Embrace The Twilight

A creature of the night, Sarafina lives only for pleasure, and love is a forbidden emotion. Experience has taught her that love leads only to betrayal and pain.

Willem Stone is a challenge Sarafina cannot resist — a man as boldly alive as she is, a man with a will of iron, yet a mere mortal. And the only thing stronger than their clash of wills is the power of their desire.

But when vampire hunters take Amber Lily, the only child ever born to a vampire, Sarafina and Willem must put their struggle aside and combine their strengths in a rescue attempt that could cost them their very lives.

Edge Of Twilight

His name is Edge, and he is the last of a band of Immortals who have been hunted down and murdered by Frank Stiles — an enemy determined to unlock their deepest secrets.

A legend among the undead, Amber Lily is the only half human, half vampire ever born, and is possessed of untamed powers. Amber alone understands the dangerous threat of Frank Stiles. Only she may hold the key to his vulnerability… and his doom.

Amber is drawn into the hunt. In doing so, she will cast her fate to a passion that may be her destiny and to an evil she may not be able to defeat.

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The Chosen
by Maggie Shayne

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The Chosen
by Maggie Shayne

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