Deadly Deeds

by Brenda Joyce

Release date: 05/2011
Imprint: MIRA

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Deadly Illusions

Manhattan, 1902

Despite the misgivings of her fiancé, Calder Hart, heiress and sleuth Francesca Cahill cannot turn away from a threat that is terrorising Lower Manhattan. A madman is on the loose targeting impoverished, but beautiful Irishwomen — and Francesca fears that two of her close friends could be next.

Soon she is working with her former lover, Police Commissioner Rick Bragg — Calder’s half-brother and worst rival. But even as Calder’s jealous passions leave his relationship with Francesca teetering on the brink, Francesca is frantically on the killer’s trail, certain he will strike again.

Deadly Kisses

New York, 1902

Called to the home of her fiancé Calder Hart’s former mistress late one night, amateur sleuth Francesca Cahill’s curiosity is piqued. But upon arrival, she is shocked to find Daisy Jones’s bloodied body — and even more devastated when all the evidence points to one suspect — Calder.

Francesca cannot believe that he is capable of such an act. Still, she is unable to shake her instinctive sense that he is lying about something. The police are far less inclined to believe his innocence, and Calder is arrested for Daisy’s murder. But Francesca’s heart is not easily swayed...until a life-altering secret is exposed that could destroy their future together.

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Deadly Deeds
by Brenda Joyce

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Deadly Deeds
by Brenda Joyce

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