by Diana Palmer

Release date: 09/2011
Imprint: MIRA

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About the book

Hearts may be broken but are never lost... A touching story of innocence, intimacy and family ties that bind.

Cole Whitehall came back from the Great War a changed man. Always aloof and unemotional, now he had a steely, impenetrable edge that Lacy could not reach beyond.

Before the war Cole had been compromised into marrying the teenage Lacy, and now their union seemed doomed. Distraught, and ashamed that her husband wouldn't even share her bed, Lacy left.

Her feelings were not so easily shunned however the very thought of him still electrified her. Despite all, she loved him. So when in the dead of night he came to reclaim her, Lacy drove a hard bargain and returned to the Whitehall's Texas ranch... on her terms.

But what would it take to drag out the secrets that lurked in the dark shadows of Cole's mind and his past? To unleash the tenderness she was sure her childhood sweetheart must harbour within? To soften a man hardened by honour, duty and responsibility?

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