A Good Yarn

by Debbie Macomber

Release date: 01/2012
Imprint: MIRA

Series: A Blossom Street Novel Book 2


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About the book

You might have heard about a wonderful little yarn store in downtown Seattle. Whether this is a return visit or your very first, you’ll find that A Good Yarn is a place of welcome and warmth. A place where women feel at home. Where they’re among friends, old and new.

The first person you’ll meet is Lydia Hoffman, who owns the shop. In the year since it opened, A Good Yarn has thrived - and so has Lydia. A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz. But when Brad’s ex-wife reappears, Lydia is suddenly afraid to trust her newfound happiness. Elise Beaumont, a retired librarian, joins one of Lydia’s popular knitting classes. Since losing her life savings Elise has been living with her daughter, Aurora - the only positive legacy from her brief marriage to professional gambler Marvin 'Maverick’ Beaumont. Now she learns that her one-time husband plans to visit and that Aurora wants a relationship with her father

Bethanne Hamlin, like Elise, is facing the fallout from divorce. But her husband left her for another woman - not a pack of cards - and she’s struggling to reshape her life. She joins the knitting class at her children’s urging; it’s the first step in her effort to recover a sense of dignity and hope

Like so many women, these three find companionship and comfort in each other and in this age-old craft. Who would’ve thought that knitting socks could change your life?

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A Good Yarn
by Debbie Macomber

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A Good Yarn
by Debbie Macomber

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