by Jasmine Cresswell

Release date: 09/2011
Imprint: MIRA

Series: The Ravens Trilogy Book 1


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About the book

For years, multimillionaire businessman Ron Raven fooled everyone, successfully playing the role of loving husband and father to two very different households. But when Ron suddenly disappears, the truth about his deception is revealed. Now two familiesare left alone with their questions, while the one man who holds the answers is... MISSING.

Megan Raven is desperate to save her mother's Wyoming ranch, used as collateral on a three-million-dollar loan-money that disappeared along with Ron. Worse, the loan is being called in and the manager of the Georgia bank is Adam Fairfax, whose sister just happens to be Ron's other wife.

Adam wants to find the bank's money. Megan wants to save her mother from even more pain. Brought together by their turmoil, they head south in search of the missing millions. But what they find is a whole new web of lies, secrecy and greed.

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