If you have a strong commercial work of fiction or non-fiction for either adults or young adults, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit only if you have a complete manuscript that is at least 60,000 words. Incomplete manuscripts will not be considered.

Email to: Submissions


In the body of your email, tell us about yourself:


Attach your manuscript:


  • 100 words about you

  • Where you're from

  • Where in cyberspace we can find you (links are good)

  • What you've done, including any previously published or self-published works


    Attach a synopsis:

  • Specify the genre and intended audience of your manuscript

  • Focus on main characters, central plot and themes

  • Don't relate your work to the latest hot thing; let your work speak for itself!

  • Make sure your synopsis answers all of the questions raised in your plot. E.g. if we read your synopsis, will we understand why the murderer committed the crime?

  • Keep it simple, and attach it as a word/PDF document to your email

  • Must be complete and at least 80,000 words

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font

  • 1.5cm indents

  • double-spaced

  • Attach to your email as a separate document to your synopsis




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